How important is packaging for food? -pacqueen
- Food packaging is used to keep food clean, fresh and safe. It is the best way to safely control and protect the food against physical, chemical, biological and environmental factors, and is vital for safe delivery of hygienic food in market. And food packaging is the most important out of the packaging industry due to the highest functional and hygienic standards required. - Packaging is the key to attract consumers in some sense. It is what helps differentiate your products out of hundreds of similar products on the market. - Packaging is first impression which consumers take away with them when looking at the products. It represents the company image, conveys brand stories and create associations in the consumers’ mind. Be it positive or negative, once the impression is set, it is hard to be rebuilt. At Pacqueen, we are typically engaged to create or refine tailored packaging with functionality, practicality, brand identity, creativity, authenticity and sustainability to safely protect the food and effectively attract the target customers. It is our mission to supply resource-efficient, cost-effective and environmentally-friendly food packaging supplies.

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Pacqueen Industrial (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is an industry-leading food packaging supplier dedicated to supplying resource-efficient, cost-effective and environmentally-friendly food packaging supplies, which include flexible packaging (coffee packaging, high barrier resealable laminated pouches, reusable food pouches, flat bottom pouches, kraft paper pouches, etc.) for the FMCG industry and disposable packaging (disposable cups, disposable food containers and disposable cutlery) for restaurants and cafes.

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