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Titanium Magnetic Bracelets

  • Mobile No: 01792444777
  • Address: Malibag
  • City: Dhaka
  • Location: Malibag
  • Country: Bangladesh
  • Zip/Postal Code: 1217
  • Listed: June 20, 2017 11:33 pm
  • Expires: 6 days, 23 hours

  • Listed by: Best Feri
  • Member Since: April 17, 2015

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*শরীরের রোগ প্রতিরোধ ক্ষমতা বাড়ায়।
*রক্ত সঞ্চালন ত্বরান্বিত করে।
*রক্তে কলেষ্টরল ফ্রী করে।
*বিভিন্ন ধরনের ব্যাথা (মাথা ব্যাথা, বাতের বেথা, আঘাতজনিত ব্যাথা, পেশির ব্যাথা, জোড়াসন্ধির ব্যাথা, সাইনোসাইটিস) দূর করে।
*শরীরের যাবতীয় বিষাক্ত পদার্থ (টক্সিন) বের করে দেয়।
*হাপানি (অ্যাজমা) নিয়ন্ত্রণ করে।
*ডায়বেটিকস নিয়ন্ত্রনে সহযোগিতা করে।
*কিডনির সাবাবিক অবস্থা বজায় রাখতে সাহায্য করে।
*হরমোন উৎপাদন করে ও যৌন উদ্যম সবল করে।
*ঘুমে নাক ডাকা কমায়।
*ক্লান্তি/দুর্বলতা দূর করে শরীরে শক্তি ব্রিদ্দি করে।
*রক্তচাপ নিয়ন্ত্রণ করে।
*অনিদ্রাভাব দূর করে।
*মোবাইল ফোনের ভয়ানক রেডিয়েশন থেকে প্রটেকসন দেয়।
*নিজেকে সর্বদা ফ্রেস এবং এনার্জিটিক মনে হয়।

Levin Health Care Titanium magnetic Bracelets is develop from natural minerals that are fused and
structurally bonded together at a molecular level and produce scalar energy to enhance body Bio electric field.
Titanium Magnet bracelets promotes positive flow of energy and helps to maintain energy balance.
Titanium Magnetic Bracelets enhance to restore energy from weak meridians of the body points,
while restoring these meridians Our Scalar Pendant and Titanium Bracelets will help to maintain health and
well being.

Medical Benefits of Magnetic Bracelet.

Strengthen the Natural healing Power, enhance immune function, improve the general Physical, Anti aging,
Cancer Prevention, Inhibit and eliminate tumour, Anti-Inflammatory, Analgesic, anti-Virus,
treatment of disease such as respiratory diseases like asthma, regulation of Blood Pressure,
Reduce blood viscosity, regulation of endocrine, excludes toxins from the body.

Titanium Magnetic Bracelets Benefits:

*Promotes unclumping of cells.
*Enhance Circulation.
*Enhance immune and endocrine Systems.
*Reduces inflammation.
*Increase energy.
*Helps to protect DNA Damage.
*Helps to retard Aging Process.
*Better concentration and focus.
*Enhance cellular permeability.
*Enhance cellular nutrition and detoxification.
*Strengthen body bio field preventing electro-magnetic waves from affecting ones good health.

Bio Energy Health magnetic Bracelet
Products Information (100% Titanium)
We are proud to present Bio Energy Health Bracelet, designed with features that incorporate the advantages and
distinctive effects of 3 types of energy: Magnetic-Ion, Negative-Ion and Far-Infrared Ray.
Its significant health effect is different from any other products
Magnetic-Ion will improve blood circulation, relieve backaches,joint pains (arthritis), chronic pain,
insomnia, muscle aches, headaches, repetitive strain, carpal syndrome, swelling, low energy,
sport injuries and many more.
Negative-Ion energy will penetrate via skin and neutralize positive-ions that cause health disorders.
This will alleviate pains and aches, regulating biological electricity flow and thus promotes body vitality.

Far-Infrared ray activates water molecules in the body,
which these molecules increase blood circulation and metabolism efficiency.
Far-Infrared ray also promotes elimination of waste matters and harmful heavy metals out of human body.

How do magnetic bracelets work?
The magnetic theory revolves in the arteries around the wrist,
which magnets improve the circulatory system and blood flow.
The increased circulation gives the body more of nutrients it needs in the blood,
improving health naturally.

What goes into a Bio Energy Health Bracelet magnetic bracelet?
Neodymium biomagnets, which are derived from the earth, hold their charge indefinitely,
with no significant loss of power after 10 years. The magnets are combined with stainless steel,
because it is as strong as steel, but is 45 per cent lighter. Due to its strength, lightness,
extraordinary corrosion resistance and the ability to withstand extreme temperatures,
stainless steel 316 metal is used to make Bio Energy Health Bracelet bracelets.

Does the effectiveness of the bracelet vary according to size or design?
Even though the sizes and shapes of the bracelet vary,
the effectiveness remains the same as the neodymium magnets in each bracelet are around 2,500 gauss.
[Gauss is a unit of measurement of magnetic field and is named after mathematician,
physics and magnetic researcher Karl F. Gauss]

Can I wear my Bio Energy Health Bracelet bracelet next to my watch?
We suggest you do not for a couple of reasons.
One reason is simply the extra wear and tear on the watch and/or the bracelet from rubbing together.
Another concern is the possible damage to the internal movements of a non-digital watch.

Any side effects?
Magnetic therapy is very safe.
The World Health Organisation (WHO) has confirmed that static magnetic fields pose no health risks at all.
No complications have ever been reported with its proper use.

Who should not use magnetic bracelets?
Magnetic bracelets should not be used if you are wearing a pacemaker,
defibrillator, insulin pump or any other electro-medical device.
Do not wear a magnetic bracelet during pregnancy.

What are ION?
ION are atoms or molecules that have either a negative or positive charge.
These are called cations or anions. They carry electrical charge around our body.
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How do they affect me?
ION regulate all functions of your body, positive ions cause breakdown and disruption in function,
whist negative ION promote new cell growth and strengthen functions.
It is a balance of positive and negative that keeps you healthy.

Are ION always there and in the correct balance?
ION are always there, however the balance can be upset causing disease within the body.
This can sometimes be noticed with symptoms that include lack of energy,
interrupted sleeping patterns, low immune system. It is when the positive ions buildup that this happens.
(positive ions cause breakdown of bodily cells affecting functions and processes within the body)

How does the balance of ION get out of balance?
The build up of cations (positive ions) causes our body to deteriorate through the degeneration of cells.
People with busy lifestyles usually have a build up of positive Ions due to
not taking time out for the negative Ions to restore or refill within the body.

What happens when the balance is out?
Once our body has an excess of positive ION we usually start by feeling run down or
low on energy due to our cells breaking down and slowly stopping or slowing their function.
This can then lead into interrupted sleep,
lowered immune system and slowing of natural bodily processes and defenses.
Over a long period this can also lead into illness.

What can I do re-fill these negative ION?
Negative ION are found in the atmosphere, you can over long periods rebuild your negative ION by spending timearound water falls, forests, the beach, or after a thunder storm. These conditions create the perfect environment for the production of Negative ION naturally within the atmosphere. For those that have weeks to spend around these environments Bio Energy Health Bracelet bracelet is another alternative.

What is Far-infrared Rays?
Far-infrared rays are part of the sunlight spectrum which is invisible to the naked eye. It also known as Biogenetic rays (between 6 to 14 microns). Biogenetics rays have been proven by scientists to promote the growth and health of living cells especially in plants, animals and human beings.

What is the effect of Far-infrared rays?
FIR cause resonance with water molecules. It ionizes and activates water molecules in our cells and blood thus improving our blood circulation and health condition. The human body contains more than 70% of water by weight.

What is the effect of Far-infra-red rays on our human body?
Activates water molecules in our body. Improve oxygen level in our body. Warming and eliminating fats, chemicals and toxins from our blood and thus smoothening the flow of blood. Elimination of waste from the body, reducing the acidic level in our body & improving the nervous system.

Are the Bio Energy Health Bracelet bracelets health products or fashion accessories?
Actually, both! They are jewelry with health benefits. Although you may purchase them initially for the health benefits, we think you will be very happy with how they look as well. Some people even purchase them primarily for the appearance.

Price:2699/- But now Hot offer is 999/-

This product is also wholesale available, wholesale quantity minimum 6 piece

Terms of Conditions
1)Free Home delivery is also available No Delivery charge around Dhaka
2) Outside Of Dhaka Delivery From SA Paribohon
3) Products will be delivered within 1,working days after confirmation of the order(around Dhaka)
4) 100% Genuine Products
5) Faster Delivery Service
6) Stock is available
7) Hotline: 01792444777

For more information Please visit BFeri.com and facebook.com/bestfery or call and SMS me 01792444777
For Mail: bferi03@gmail.com
please visit our showroom: >>> Shop#5, Level#1, Fortune Shopping mall, 71 outer circular road Malibag Dhaka-1217

আমাদেরকে সমর্থন দেয়ার জন্য ধন্যবাদ।
যদি আপনি চান তবে আমরা আপনাকে আমাদের আরো কিছু পন্যের তালিকা দিবো।
call for order today now 01792444777

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