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Peerage Gallery is a FULLY AUTHORIZED Food Service Equipment and Supplies Dealer that represents All major brands of commercial kitchen equipment. Since our inception in 2010, we focused on quality products and upscale projects. Our projects division is responsible for some of the largest food service projects in the country including Hotels, Restaurants and Institutions. We are loyal to our customers as well as our employees. Our average sales professional has been with us for over 8 years. This accounts for the fact that they are some of the most knowledgeable in the Restaurant Equipment industry. We continue to strive for value added service while maintaining the lowest prices in the industry.

Stainless Steel Commercial Kitchen Equipment Seller Bangladesh

Stainless Steel Commercial Kitchen Equipment Seller Bangladesh
Peerage Gallery Kitchen Equipment is established in the year 2008. We are the manufactureer and supplier of Commercial Kitchen Equipment and Utility Equipment. This gas kitchen appliance, commercial hospitality equipment is widely demanded by various hotels, hospitals, embassies, resorts, industries and educational, professional institutions. In addition, we also meet the requirements of cooling equipment, kitchen refrigeration equipment, commercial dish-washing equipment, kitchen exhaust system, exhaust hoods and L.P.G gas system including gas banks. Our range includes commercial hospitality equipment, catering kitchen equipment, commercial dish-washing equipment, kitchen refrigeration equipment, gas kitchen appliance, four burner range with oven, chapati plate with puffer, cold bain marie counter, masala trolley, kitchen storage racks, pizza oven, hot case counter, pot wash sink and island kitchen.
All our commercial kitchen equipment is used for different purposes such as food preparation, cooking, frying, washing, refrigeration and storage. This commercial hospitality equipment, gas kitchen appliance is developed using stainless steel and other material, which ensures in them high durability standards. We also use innovative technology in its manufacturing, which is carried out by our experts, which enables us to acquire high repute in the segment of kitchen equipment. His process expertise enables us to also offer customized solutions to our customers for our range of equipment, in terms of sizes and finishes.

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Industrial Kitchen Equipment Made & Supplier in Bangladesh

Industrial Kitchen Equipment Bangladesh
Looking for quality industrial kitchen equipment in Bangladesh, Most local dealers don’t hold stock, and order from Bangladesh once you give them an order which can take upto 2 weeks for delivery.
Here at Peerage Gallery Equipment we offer you the chance to cut out the First man and order direct from our workshop with free delivery to your door in within 7-10 days. Just look at our prices at Peerage Gallery Equipment you will realize that our prices are simply the best in Bangladesh.
Peerage Gallery Equipment is located in Bangladesh and established over 10 years ago in 2008. We offer the best products for kitchen and refrigeration equipment for any restaurant, cafe or hotel. All products are stocked in our dhaka warehouse and delivered directly to you within 7-10 days of placing your order. We offer high quality products, vast selection and the lowest prices in Bangladesh with fast free delivery.
At Peerage Gallery Equipment, we have absolutely everything you need to completely set up the perfect kitchen from the smaller items like fryers, stick blenders, and food processors to the larger items like commercial refrigerators, gas pizza ovens, and ice machines. We stock everything else you can think of including the commercial kitchen sink.
We offer the best service via our Dhaka call center and our friendly team is available from 9am to 8pm to offer advice and assistance in English & Bangla. Feel free to call us 9am to 8pm on 01871094705 or email us:

Distributor of Kitchen Equipment and Supplies Bangladesh

Peerage Gallery is a leading manufacturer and supplier of Stainless Steel Kitchen Equipment, and a distributor for premium brands Food service Equipment.
We provide a one-stop solution in planning and design work, custom fabrication of stainless steel kitchen and refrigeration equipment, imported equipment and spare parts supply, food service project installation and commissioning, after sales technical service support. Our Peerage Gallery cover Bangladesh

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Commercial Kitchen Equipment Supplier, Manufacturers in Bangladesh

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Hotel & Restaurant Equipment & Accessories Supply Company Bangladesh

Peerage Gallery Established in 2008, We are leading manufacturer and supplier of high quality commercial kitchen appliances to Hotels, Restaurants, Canteens, Industrial Kitchens, Bars, Clubs, Hospitals and all other Hospitality related environments. Our manufacturing unit is based in Bangladesh, We are well equipped with all modern machinery and equipment. We fabricate high quality and high utility commercial kitchen equipment. We guarantee precision of production and product finishing to strictly international specifications and standards. Peerage Gallery Kitchen Equipment is assisted by a team of skilled professional who are highly dedicated and sincere towards their task. Our team members are highly experienced and make judicious use of all the available resources to innovatively provide the products and services. Further

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