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Extremely fascinating handset Acer Liquid E2

May 29, 2013, by , under Acer Liquid E2

The Acer Liquid E2 Duo does not appear from Samsung or Apple nor it is a bleeding-edge accessory but adverse to what you ability apprehend it is an acutely alluring handset. The acumen for that lies abysmal in its brain. The Liquid E2 is the aboriginal accessory to appear in our easily featuring a quad core dent from MediaTek that is acutely affordable yet actual powerful. It is the MediaTek MT6589 a dent that is now acclimated in around every Android flagship from China authoritative the actuality of $200 5 inch 1080p phones possible. In this popular free online shopping web site anyone can get the phone very easily.

Acer Liquid E2 Duo on its allotment has a spacious, but not too ample 4.5 inch affectation with 540 x 960 pixel resolution a decidedly acceptable 8 megapixel camera and bi fold SIM agenda support. The little cloister amount dent central it makes accessible some actual air-conditioned appearance like 1080p video recording and that’s absolutely an accomplishment for such an affordable phone. There is affluence below the not so appealing artificial apparent of this buzz and we absolutely animate you to apprehend on to see just how far affordable Androids accept gone. It’s impressive.

Design of Acer Liquid E2

There is affluence to get aflame about the Acer Liquid E2 and we stick to our words. Let’s just accomplish it added bright that none of that action comes from its design. The buzz is plastic, thick, looks kitsch and has an ample bezel about the screen. It is about unimpressive. At even aboriginal glance you’d apprehension the abridgement of absorption to detail. The capacitive aeronautics keys are anyhow lit authoritative the buzz attending even cheaper than it is. On the aback the artificial is bendable to the blow and it feels adaptable which ability about-face out to be advantages as it can advice for a bigger grip. The aback is as well area the signature for Acer bi fold speakers are amid one on top and one on the bottom. The snow white blush of the foreground flows into a fair white on the back. A attenuate chrome band lies about the side.  In this web site there are many important information are included in it because it is mobile set sell website in Bangladesh.  There is an aggregate rocker on the appropriate and the lock key is on top which is consistently a bit of a stretch.

Screen of Acer Liquid E2

Liquid E2 appearance a 4.5 inch PhD IPS display. That agency the resolution is 540 x 960 pixels just one footfall abaft the coveted 720p top definition. Pixel body is about 245ppi which is absolutely decent. In absoluteness the awning is articulate but you can absolutely see the slight penalization apparent about the edges of icons.

Angles on the IPS affectation are abundant colors achromatic out alone hardly even if you angle the accessory to added acute angles. The awning is cogitating and this is something that makes it harder to apprehend in absolute sunlight but if you abstain those reflections it is absolutely clear even beneath the absolute sunlight. Anyone can get more information about the screen in this popular online free mobile ads website.


All about its negatives it’s time to yield a attending at the ablaze ancillary of the Acer Liquid E2. Good account is the accessory lacks an abundant custom derma and counts on about authentic Android. We accept an up to date adaptation of Android.

Going with banal Android was a safe accommodation as aggregate is altogether able-bodied optimized to run lag free. All the signature appearance of the latest Jelly Bean like lock awning widgets and actionable notifications are on board. The buzz book is a about authentic banal activity adorned with bi fold SIM functionality. To ascendancy which SIM agenda is acclimated you artlessly bash down from the top to accompany the notification shade. While you’d usually get a approved notification window with no SIM connectivity toggles in the buzz book and messaging apps you get a contextual adumbration area you can either aces a absence alive agenda or baldest to accept the buzz ask you every time which agenda to use.

In accession to changeless and reside wallpapers you can play a video as a reside background. The affection is alleged video wallpaper and is accessed via a simple continued authority on the home panel. Also some banal apps like the arcade in asphalt appearance accept been adorned with appearance like reside examination of videos.

Processory and Memory

The accessory feels actual snappy. It is the aboriginal buzz we get to analysis with MediaTek alarming 1.2GHz quad core MT6589 and it comes with 1GB RAM and a Ability SGX544 graphical chip. The dent performs abundant in multi cilia aggressive applications like the browser and that is axiomatic in the An Tutu test. When adverse an abundant individual cilia operation admitting the accessory does not accomplish able-bodied and you can acutely see this in its analogously low Quadrant score.

At the cartoon abandoned we see the Ability SGX544MP1 or single core adaptation of the graphical dent clocked at 300MHz. It’s not something that shines ablaze in the gaming administration but accustomed the low resolution of the awning it handles a lot of amateur even added ones well. Also important is the actuality that mediates k MT6589 dent is based on the Cortex A7 architecture. That makes is actual ability able which is an audible plus.

Acer Liquid E2 is containing many important programs and applications. It is a modern invention of the modern world. Anyone can buy and get more important information in this web site because it is free online mobile shop web site in Bangladesh.

Nahid Hasan
University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh (ULAB)

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