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Hitachi CP-DX250 Ultra Portable DLP Review

April 9, 2013, by , under Hitachi CP-DX250, Projector

Hitachi CPDX250

Hitachi CP-DX250 DLP projector represents the new standard for classroom environment projectors and versatility with high resolution XGA performance, an innovative feature set and overall value. Hitachi CP-DX250 DLP projector is specially designed to enhance the educational experience – for student and teachers. Leading edge DLP projector technology helps stimulate the imagination of students of all ages and makes lessons become more interesting, compelling and   memorable. With vivid colors, deeper blacks, bold graphics and crisp text – the Hitachi CP-DX250 does it all in classrooms of all sizes.

With 2500 ANSI lumens light output, XGA 1024 * 768 resolution, the Hitachi CP-DX250 provides the perfect solution. It also features exceptional reliability, a high contrast ration, HDMI terminals so you can connect many types of AV devices, and wall color correction which corrects the colors of images projected on surfaces that are not white. With Hitachi CP-DX250, learning has never been easier, more enjoyable, or so engaging. Plus, Hitachi’s Intelligent Eco Mode with Image care combines optimal picture performance with energy savings for a lower cost of ownership. For added peace of mind, Hitachi CP-DX250 is also backed by a generous warranty and our world class service and support programs. Hitachi CP-DX250 boast new features and energy saving perks, with a big DLP image. The Hitachi CP-DX250 incorporates Texas Instruments 1-chips DLP technology to deliver images with higher contrast and brightness at 2500 lumens, while Texas Instruments’ Brilliant Color technology offers color processing to enhance color performance for rich, vibrant and accurate colors. Hitachi CP-DX250 projector offers XGA resolution. The Hitachi CP-DX250 offers a maximum diagonal image of 40 inches from a distance of 59 inches. The Hitachi CP-DX250 is also 3D capable (3D glasses and graphics card are required for 3D operation). You can check this product with apnardeal.com most recent classified ad section. Also concern companies are giving their classified advertisement in apnardeal.com.

The amazing ultra portable DLP offers a maximum diagonal image of 40 inches from a distance of 59 inches. Each one also supports 3D content, with add-on 3D glasses and graphics card. Designed for almost any application, Hitachi CP-DX250 has preset Bright, Presentation, Cinema, Game and RGB picture modes, as well as a user mode with fully adjustable image parameters. Besides offering an intelligent Eco Mode feature, both projectors also have TI’s wall Color correction for tweaking the image when it’s projected against light yellow, light green, blue and pink walls or even on a blackboard.

The Good:

i) Slim and light design.

ii) Excellent feature package.

iii) Ultra portability.

iv) User friendly.

v) Excellent quality.

vi) Durable.

The bottom line:

The Hitachi CP-DX250 is one of the best performers we’ve seen to date in the ultra portable DLP series models. Its ability to deliver unparalleled output is amazing. This product is highly recommended.

Hitachi CP-DX250 projector is locally available from Oriental Services [AV] Limited or www.apnardeal.com. This projector has a price tag of BDT 39,000. For details, please contact: 01715347048

Key features:

i) XGA 1024 x 768 resolution.

ii) 2500 ANSI lumens light output.

iii) 2500:1 contrast ration.

iv) 4500 hours lamp life (Standard mode) 6000 hours’ lamp life. (Eco mode).

v) Image care technology.

vi) Brilliant Color.

vii) Deeper black levels.

viii) Wall color correction.

ix) Filter free design.

Hope you will enjoy this product by using.  Best of luck.


Below is Input/Outputs indications:


Hitachi CPDX250 ports

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