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How High Performance Tablets Could Revolutionize Computing ?

March 22, 2013, by , under Tablets


The evolution of the tablet computer is important because facility managers only have begun to scratch the surface of the potential use and applications for the industry. Until recently, the word “tablets” likely would conjure up an image of Moses descending from a mountain with pieces of stone. Today, tablets have become synonymous with computers that are flat, mobile and operated by using a stylus or touchscreen. It seems like tablets only have been around since Apple introduced the iPad in 2010, but in reality, tablet PCs have been around for decades.

The increasing popularity of the tablet platform with consumers recently has generated substantial interest among many business as replacements for notebooks and traditional desktop PCs.

This computers look pretty rugged and can withstand some drops. They probably still will work after some liquid spills on them.
They also have rubber bumpers that will protect against some vibration, especially if they are mounted. These semi-rugged tablets can provide some valuable protection to managers who are constantly on the go in their facilities.

It’s just far too small. The product description says this keyboard is a Full size QWERTY keyboard , but that is incorrect. The actual size of the letter portion of the keyboard is significantly smaller than the iPad’s onscreen landscape keyboard and slightly smaller than the portrait onscreen keyboard. The outside distance from Q to P is 7 inches (18cm) on the iPad in landscape. It is only 5 inches (12.5cm) on this keyboard.

So, before buying, put your 8 typing fingers down on a 5 inches of a ruler like it is a keyboard to see how the fit will feel. Alternatively, rest your left hand on ASDF on your iPad’s PORTRAIT onscreen keyboard to get a sense of the size. I have small hands, yet it is completely unusable for me. I can type very fast on a regular keyboard, but hunting and pecking is quicker on this. The ipad screen is much more comfortable but gives no physical feedback.

If you can somehow deal with the tiny size, it does roll up very small. It’s about the size of a pack of cards when rolled up.I’m returning this and ordering a second Apple Wireless Keyboard (Retail Packaging). That keyboard is an appropriate size for hands, and is still very small and portable. I suspect this flexible keyboard is also far less durable.I have added photos to show it at a better angle with an iPad, in comparison to the onscreen keyboard and a small standard keyboard.

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