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Microsoft’s New Xbox One: A fair Analysis

May 29, 2013, by , under Microsoft's New Xbox One, Review


Just a few days back Microsoft has unleashed their newest gaming gadget Xbox One and we know you have been waiting for a fair review of this new gadget. Guess what? We are ready with a fair review and analysis of this gadget. Though ApnarDeal.com is basically a Bangladeshi website for posting free classified ads to sell used car, second hand car, mobile phone in Bangladesh, but we also like to keep ourselves and our readers updated with the latest tech news. The access to our articles is free just like our free classified ads.

The moment when the Xbox One was released, it was a big moment for all the gamers and gadget lovers around the world. Every day new and newer gadgets are making our everyday experiences different and interesting. This new Xbox One will be a new experience for both gamers and non-gamers. It has particular features which combines gaming, watching movies and TV all together in one single box.

New xbox

Xbox One Details

Before getting into any reviews let’s just check how this XBOX one looks and what key instruments does the full package contain?


If we want to describe how it looks? Traditionally we would say that it’s a large, sleek, black and grey box. But then we would like to say, at the first glance it will take you back to your childhood because this box exactly looks like 90’s audio video player! Don’t get upset! The full package still contains some interesting elements like Kinect and vibrating speedy controller.

In the core the configuration is an 8 core processor and graphics by AMD, 8GB of RAM, Blu-ray, USB 3.0 and a 500GB hard drive.

xbox Design

The Kinect

An improved kinect comes with your Xbox One’s package. They call it Kinect 2.0 or Second Generation Kinect. It has higher rate of accuracy in spotting and detecting. The new kinect is highly configured to track or spot movements in a skeleton shaped structure (which is definitely a human being). The kinect has 1080p camera with a wider field of vision and is also configured for easy Skype connectivity. Besides having the best tracking configuration, the freakiest feature of the kinect is it can detect your heart rate! Now a sad part is this highly configured Kinect might look like a separate peripheral device, but in reality the Xbox One will not work if Kinect is not plugged in!

xbox Kinect

New controller

Though the controller may look like the previous Xbox controllers at first glance, but the Microsoft’s design team has configured this new controller with almost 40 new features, both internally and externally. The improved D-pad is easier to use than the previous versions. The analog control sticks are handier to operate and require less effort to move! It has integrated vibrating motors in the triggers. The controller runs on AA batteries.

new xbox controller

A whole new Feature: TV on Xbox

Xbox One is designed in such a way so that it can become a family’s ultimate entertainment hub. This ultimate game console is not dedicated for the gamers of a family, now it contains TV listing too besides web browsing on the same screen. As result, it will eventually include non-gamer family members to its users list.  It can connect to your cable box and can enlist your TV Channels.

Control it by your voice

This device contains a highly configured array of multi microphones. This array of micro phones allows you to control your device by your very own voice. It also provides high noise immunity.

Connect your other Gadgets

Smartphones or tablets have become the handiest device in man’s life. Keeping this in mind, Microsoft is giving a new feature. Now you can connect your other gadgets as secondary or associative screen with the Xbox One. When you connect your device with it, you will realize that you can navigate all the gadgets smoothly at the same time.

Some Negative Features: Must know Before Purchasing

Though the new Xbox One is a new generation device, but we have spotted many key worst features and we feel that if you are planning to buy one then you must know about these negative features.

1. You can’t operate it without The Kinect

Like we have mentioned previously, to use the gadget you need to connect the kinect constantly plugged in. Without the kinect, you can’t use this device.

2. Still you need AA batteries

No matter how many times you keep your kinect plugged into the socket, you still need AA batteries! Wondering for what?! You need AA batteries to operate the highly configured game controller. Definitely, like you we also have been expecting that the battery of the controller should be rechargeable but sadly it’s not. It may happen that at the middle of the night the AA batteries have run out, and you will have to shut down your games just because your controller’s batteries are out!

3. Irreplaceable Hard Drive

Yes it’s true! The 500 GB hard drive it’s fixed and irreplaceable.

The device is not out for sale yet and the price details are still a mystery. But we know, before purchasing you must have been looking for a fair review of this upcoming product. Besides the negative points, the new Xbox One still is a big win for Microsoft. Definitely it integrates some crazy, fun and interesting feature in one device package.

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