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Basic of online buy / sell and classified ads

May 21, 2013, by , under Basic of Classified ads

classified ads

Shopping online is a form of electronic commerce. At the end of 90’s e-commerce flourished like a rapid fire. It has gained popularity all around the world. City people have happily embraced this new form of shopping experience. Besides everyday busy life, city dwellers hardly get any time to buy everyday necessities from local stores or even sometimes they hardly get any holiday. If there’s a holiday then definitely nobody would like to waste it for shopping purpose. In this case, online shopping gained popularity among mass people living in the large cities. In present time, this shopping form has become more sophisticated and buyers friendly.

It’s hard to realize that how shopping experience has turned into a whole new virtual experience. Shopping online includes a wide variety of buy and sell plot. People can buy groceries, apparels, home decors, second hand cars, laptop, computer, bikes, kitchen accessories even home and apartments too. These buy and sell task requires a click only.

In E-commerce the best feature is to provide buy and sell plot to everyone. Anybody can become a merchant with his/her own goodies. You can sell your old gadget, furniture, infact any old thing which you don’t want now. For this you just need to click on those specific websites. E-bay, Amazon is the most famous for their biggest buy and sell plot for all around the globe. Here people can post Classified ads to sell their products.

Classified Ads means, Ads classified for each seller. These ads are prepared by seller himself. There’s a lot of websites who provide the sellers to post their own classified ads. ApnarDeal.com is a Bangladeshi website which provides users to post their own classified Ads and this service is absolutely free. Here, to sell your new or old or unused gadgets or goodies just post a free classified Ad. For posting Ads, just keep in my mind to upload the original and clear image of the product. Because when people browse for purchasing, they always click on those ads which contain clear and original images.

If you are a newbie in shop online world, then you need to learn a lot about this. Always choose those websites which are safe for money transaction because anyone can set up a shop on internet. Check and double check the sellers address and details. And if you get an email or pop-up message that asks for your financial or money transaction information, always ignore this type of prank offers. These are mostly spams. Legitimate and trustable companies do not ask for any information in pop up window. Usually those websites which are mostly rated by the users are safe to invest your money.

If you are determined with what you are going to buy from online, then its better go through several trustable sources. By this you can check the price of same product from different sites. Compare the prices and given details and then click on BUY.

Another important thing to do before purchasing is to check the website’s terms and conditions. Check their terms of deals, is there any refund policy or not? Check out the possible delivery dates. Some websites take a long time to deliver products to the customer’s doorstep, whereas there’s also other trustable website’s which provide fastest delivery service.

While online shopping, most website requires payment via credit cards. In trustable sites, all of your transaction details are absolutely safe. Most websites accept PayPal, Visa and MasterCard. If you are purchasing anything from overseas then you need to have any of these cards to shop online. But in the case of local online shopping the payment procedure may differ. Many websites offer cash on delivery for their local buyers. In this case, representative from the website will bring your desired product as soon as possible after the order. After receiving the product you will hand over the cash to the representative. In local purchasing cases, many buyers prefer cash on delivery to credit card payment procedure.

Another buy and sell platform includes – the meet of buyer and seller by themselves. Here no third party deals between them. Sellers upload or post their classified ads on internet or other possible sources. Buyers can choose the products from sellers. In this process the buyers are supposed to meet sellers physically. That’s why people are always warned to do this deal in safe and crowded place. In this buy and sell platform anybody can become a merchant with his/her own goodies and anybody can buy.

Online shopping has become a part of our regular life now. Why somebody would skip a lunch for shopping where he/she can do it while having lunch at his/her own desk? This is where online shopping wins. Shop online and stay safe by taking necessary safety. If you are from Bangladesh, looking for a Bangladeshi website which provide platform to post free classified ads? Then don’t make a delay. Just click on ApnarDeal.com

Nazia Jahan
Vice President of Dhaka University Career Club

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