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Online Classified Ads future: Will it beat Newspaper Ads one day?

May 26, 2013, by , under News

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The word “Marketing” can’t exist without the word “Advertisement “. The world economy runs based on Marketing, and this marketing goes hand in hand with Advertisements. Whenever each new product is out in the market, the advertisement becomes an essential part for the products’ launching.

At the beginning of industrialization, the business, marketing and advertisement theory started flourishing. At the very beginning before electronic media, Advertisements were published on newspapers. From early 90’s till now the newspaper advertisement is very much popular all around the globe. By the course of time, electronic media has got revolutionary changes.Some names of new media are radio, TV and latest is Internet.

When we focus on advertising, we can see a lot of changes in its definition. Once there was a time when advertisements were limited to business persons only. Moreover, publishing ads on newspaper is really costly till now. It cost a fortune to publish a small ad on newspaper. Besides Tv commercials, newspaper is basically the media where both buyers and sellers can publish their ads. Here, a large portion of general people who lack behind of utilizing Ads for personal buy and sell purpose.

Sometimes we, general people have our own unused or old products, which we sometimes feel to sell rather left those things unused. These unused accessories may include mobile phone, bike, laptop, second hand car etc. Even we general people also sometimes feel for a platform where we can look for rent homes, to-lets and apartments. Many want to shift homes, sell apartments, look for new rent homes etc. But it often happens that publishing a personal ad on newspaper for the mentioned purpose becomes really expensive.

On this particular situation, people started feeling necessities for a common platform for advertising, an alternate of newspaper ads, which will cost less or if possible which will be free!

Here arises the concept of Online Classified Ads. In classified Ads, a buyer or seller can post their own defined ads. This ad is virtual, it circulates on the internet. Classified Ads are prepared by the person himself. At present many website is providing users with free online classified ads.

Why We Believe Classified Ads will beat Newspaper Ad?

  • In newspaper ads, the ads are limited usually for business persons only. But by online classified ads anyone can become a merchant with his/her unused/used /new products.
  • Newspaper ads are costly, whereas classified ads are free.
  • In newspaper Ads, people hardly get the chance to attach an image for the buyer or sellers. But in Classified Ads users can attach their products original image for a faster selling possibility.
  • In newspaper people have to go through ads to find the actual ad they are looking for. But when it comes to online Classified Ads people can use “Search” option to search their desired ads. Sometimes, the ads are classified according to the subjects. So it’s easier for the user to find out their desired ads.
  • In newspaper Ads, people get limited space to enlist the necessary details of their ads. But in online classified ads, you will get sufficient space to enlist all the necessary details including image.
  • There’s another important point is number of viewers. In newspaper ads, it’s almost impossible for a general user to post ads in all the daily at the same time. If you can’t post ads in maximum dailies then there will be less number of viewers who will be informed about your ad. But in free classified ads, you can post ads in many websites without any cost. Moreover, a large number of people go through classified ads for buy and sell purpose. So on classified ads; there are a certain number of viewers who will be informed about the ad.
  • From the above discussions it’s quite clear that classified ads are more user friendly than newspaper ads.

Classified Ads Future

We believe classified ads will acquire more space on internet. More user will indulge in classified ads than newspaper ads.

Free Classified Ads scenario in Bangladesh: ApnarDeal.com

After reading all the discussion you might have been wondering is there any Bangladeshi website which provides the platform for classified ads. ApnarDeal.com is a platform for all the buyers and sellers. It’s a platform for free classified ads in Bangladesh. Both business persons and general people can utilize Apnardeal.com ‘s platform. You can post your classified ads for various purposes like- computer for sale, Toyota car for sale in Bangladesh, used car for sale, used second hand car for sale, apartment or flat sell, to-let in Bangladesh etc. So if you are looking for a platform to post your ad, get out from the boring newspaper ads. Post your classified ads for free. There will be a time when people will be more dependent on classified ads than newspaper ads.

Nazia Jahan
Vice President of Dhaka University Career Club


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