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Samsung NP530UFC-S02BD Review

April 1, 2013, by , under Samsung

Samsung Laptop

Ultra books are growing up: one year after introducing the new laptop category, the slim and fast ultra books have become a real alternative to conventional office laptops. Samsung’s  NP530UFC-S02BD ultra book with dedicated graphics has to compete against contenders of other brands, which are similar in price, size, weight and performance.

The new series 5 ultra book features a slim aluminum case that only differs in a few details. The most striking detail is the optical drive that has now been integrated into the slim casing. The screen has also grown from 13.3 to 14 inches although the resolution is the same 1366×768 pixels. The connectivity has also been modified. An additional USB 3.0 port and a VGA port are now installed.


As mentioned above, Samsung’s new ultrabook has grown a bit and presents better equipment than the two other series models. This is first noticed in the dimensions. The bigger screen adds approx. 2 cm to the chassis length and width, and the optical drive increases the height by just 3 millimeters. The new hardware also adds weight at 1.8 kg the 530U4C is roughly 400 grams heavier than the 530U3C. The looks and materials are unchanged- the overall silver design and the still slim build is befitting for the looks of an elegant ultabook. The long hinge might look stable at first, but it lets the lid rock intensely on vibrating surfaces. The keyboard also yields a bit under selective pressure. As mentioned at the time, Samsung’s casing cannot compete with ultrbook contenders that are found in a fourth-digit range. Nevertheless, the 530U4C is still very remote from a critical insufficient. This ultrbook can be found in www.apnardeal.com site. Because lots of users specially young users are like this product most. Lots of local business shop are also display their product as classified advertisement in apnardeal.com.


Samsung NP530U4C-S02BD utrabook is perfectly set up for outdoor use with a maximum brightness of over 300 cd/m2. The homogeneous illumination of 90% is also a good rate. The 530U3B that we tested last spring exhibited a few weaknesses here.


Samsung NP530U4C-S02BD utrabook is equipped with increased power and dedicated GeForce GT 620M that completes the ultrabook and the working memory has increased from 6 to 8GB. In return, the 24 GB Express Cache and the 500 GB hard drive are still the same. You can get lots of memory card in www.apnardeal.com site as lots of individual persons are trying to sell their product as classified advertisement. In apnardeal.com site any one can buy or sell anything freely. It is also helpful because all seller or buyer from locally.


The 13.3 inch laptop’s configuration is like that of the precursors and not only has a lower price but also performance. The value for money ratio should roughly be equal.

Samsung NP530U4C-S02BD utrabook is locally available from Smart Technologies (BD) Limited. This ultrabook has a price tag of BDT 87,500. For details, please contact: 01730317725 or www.apnardeal.com

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