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Smart phone Alert: Sony Xperia

May 30, 2013, by , under Sony Xperia

Who doesn’t want to have super speedy and trendy smartphone in an affordable budget? We know that you have been looking forward to sell your old traditional mobile phone and switch to a smartphone. But definitely when it comes to smartphone, we start counting our money and start thinking that can we afford a smart phone!? Well, if you are looking forward to sell your second hand mobile phone in Bangladesh then you can post a free classified Ad at apnardeal.com.

After selling lets plan for buying. For buy you we have spotted Sony Xperia has the wide range of smartphones. These smartphones are highly configured with android OS. The prices vary from 18,000 tk to 60,000tk+. Comparing other cheap smart phones we have found that Sony xperia smartphones are best rated for their affordable price and vast features.

Sony has started their Xperia smartphone journey with Xperia X1. It was out in market on 2008. On the following year X2 was out in the market which had 8 Mp Camera. Both X1 and X2 had physical keyboards. On 2010 X10 was released by Sony. X10 was the first Sony smartphone which had Android operating System. X10 is the first smartphone which was successful to draw mass attention and praised all around the globe.

A wide range!

After 2010 Sony never had to look back for smart phone upgrade. They are upgrading their devices according to the clients’ demands. The specifications are made user friendly. Here we are trying to encover some famous Xperia smartphones names.

The xperia Smartphones with Android OS out in market 2010 to 2011

-Xperia X10 mini pro

-Xperia X8

-Xperia arc

-Xperia neo

-Xperia Play


-Xperia ray

-Xperia pro

In 2012 they have started producing high quality smartphones with unique specifications:


-Xperia ion

-Xperiaacro HD

-Xperiaacro S

-Xperia neo L

-Xperia P

-Xperia U

-Xperia TX

-Xperia Z

Unique Features

We have mentioned few names of some famous Xperia smartphones. Now we will spot out the key specifications of the smartphones. And also this will clarify that why you should spend for xperia smartphone!

1. Waterproof Interface

In the other devices, touch interface seems a little tricky to the users. Especially, user felt it irritating that they can’t touch the interface with sweaty hands or if it is wet. Xperia is the first in the market who has come up with the idea of waterproof touch interface. By facilitating this feature xperia won a big market around the world.

2. Floating Touch

It is also a special feature invented by Xperia TM. Floating touch is basically a sensor. It lets user to interact with their Xperia without even touching the interface. Erik Hellman, research engineer at Sony Mobile invented this key feature.

3. Mobile Bravia Engine

The incredible engineer team of Sony mobile has made it possible to integrate the Bravia engine display into the smartphone. It is the first initiative taken by Sony to give their user the best viewing and razor sharp display experience. It’s an engine which improves the display in a way so that the display content should look more appropriate to human eye. It also improves the display colors and reduces noise significantly.

4. White Magic

We believe that White magic is the most unique creation made by the Sony mobile TM. Have ever had problem with viewing your smartphone in bright sunlight? Can you realize that in bright sunlight you give shade on your phone to see the contents? If yes then the good news is, this problem can be solved the White Magic feature.  By this feature the screen becomes twice as bright. Don’t worry, the extra brightness kills a little battery charge.

5. OptiContrast Panel

It gives user a better and improved view experience. The Opticontrast panel has a resin layer. This layer works as an optical absorber, absorbs diffused light  from the backlight. As a result there occurs less relected and scattered light, which provides high contrast and natural colors to the srcreen.

6. xLOUD™ Experience

It’s a feature developed for Xperia Smartphones. This basically works with the speaker or loudspeaker, but doesn’t work with ear phone. This feature enhances and improves the volume in the loud speaker.

7. Exmor R for mobile

ExMor R a sony’s unique sensor. It is basically a CMOR Image sensor. It provides back illumination while capturing picture. By this picture may look vivid and clear, no matter if it’s taken in candle light.

These are the so far best or best Sony Xperia features. Theres also other features too, but among them these are best which have made Xperia unique than other smartphones.

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