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Blog Tag: LG G Slate
LG G-Slate

A 3D camera, fast dual core processor and onboard 3G Tab LG G-Slate

July 14, 2013, by , under LG G Slate

The item appears to be product time is getting started out early. LG’s G-Slate will be featuring its T-Mobile being released gathering for a passing fancy evening that will RIM’s Playbook is scheduled to help guide to the hands connected with consumers producing intended for rough judgments for many. (more…) / Read More

LG G Slate

Fast dual core processor and onboard 3G make up tab LG G Slate

July 10, 2013, by , under LG G Slate

It seems like tablet season is getting started early. LG’s G State is featuring its Capital t Cell quit gathering on the same morning that RIM’s Playbook is determined in order to slide into your hands and wrists involving consumers producing for rough selections for a few. (more…) / Read More