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Take the Best Out Of Your Android- Part 3

May 21, 2013, by , under Android OS, Review

Tips and Tricks for your Android

Tips and Tricks for your Android

Back with our 3rd and last part of “Take the Best out Of Your Android”. Today’s feature is Tips and Tricks for your Android”. Android is a great fun to use. This OS makes every smart gadget more interesting. It brings our personal computer in our hand. But while using android you can make your task easier if you know some basic tips and tricks. These tips and tricks will save your time and will make your gadget using experience more fun, handy and time savvy.

Here’s we have jotted down few best tips for android users.

1. Switch off Internet, Wi-fi and Bluetooth

If you are not using internet or Wi-Fi, then it’s best to switch them off from Settings option. Because when you keep your internet on, the installed softwares automatically checks internet for updates, which eventually kills your battery charge. If you keep your wi-fi on, your device automatically scans the environment for any wi-fi network. Same thing happens with Bluetooth as well. When your Bluetooth is on, your device scans for other active devices, which also kills battery charge. So it’s best to switching off all the internet and packet data connection when you do not need them.

Switch off Internet, Wi-fi and Bluetooth

2. Keep the Brightness Low

While you use laptop, you can find brightness option in power settings, in power saving mode it’s always suggested to keep your lcd screen’s brightness low for a longer battery support. From android settings, you can get a brightness option. Just keep the brightness in middle position of the marker. Keeping brightness low of your android phone helps to save a lot of battery charge while you are using it.

Keep the Brightness Low

3. Say Good Bye to Unnecessary Apps

When you purchase a new mobile phone or smart phone from any shop or online sale site, you will usually find that the phone is flooded with lots of unnecessary apps. Necessity of Apps absolutely depends on individual users. Installing a ton of unnecessary apps will do nothing other than killing your battery life. Some apps will automatically run in the background, connect to the internet. That’s why you should uninstall your all unnecessary apps. This task will not only save your smart phone’s memory but also extends battery life.

Say Good Bye to Unnecessary Apps

4. Customize your Home Screen

To make your device more handy and useful, customize home screen of your smart phone’s by important and most used apps. If you are supposed to read a lot of documents keep the Adobe reader file on home screen. If you are more into Social networking then you can also keep those icons on home. You can also make folders with relevant apps. Just touch on your desired app and touch the icon longer and the home screen will appear with the icon. Now just place the Apps icon on desired location of home screen.

Customize your Home Screen

5.  Move photos and files from phone storage

Your smart phone’s RAM is integrated with phone memory, usually this memory do not exceed 2GB. So when you run a lot of applications simultaneously it eventually slows down the RAM, so as overall gadgets ongoing performance. It’s best to keep phone memory free from unnecessary files and photos. Use an external memory with your smart Phone. This will help you to reduce the load of phone memory. Transfer all files and photos of phone memory to SD card. This task not only frees phone memory but also speeds up your mobile phone’s performance.

Move photos and files from phone storage

6. Avoid Ad supported Apps

Those who usually use and download lots of apps, they know better that most free app are flooded with supported and Free Ads.  Sometimes you are forced to tap on the free Ads. These apps are the worst culprit for your android. These Free Ads update automatically from the internet. These ads keep running in the background and kill battery charge. Most of the time this thing remains unnoticed. Many android users complain that they don’t know why their battery drains. This could be the most possible reason of battery drainage. Just keep your android free from all these free ad supported Apps.

Avoid Ad supported Apps

7.  Make a habit of using Advanced Task Manager-Killer and Clean Master

In our first part we have mentioned about these 2 useful apps. These apps ensure longevity of your android phone. Check our part-1 to know more about these two apps.  If you are running several apps at the same time then just touch your Advanced Task Manager-Killer app and kill all the running tasks by just one touch. By clean Master app you can clean up running apps to free the RAM’s memory. Make a habit of using these 2 apps. These apps help a lot of android users around the world.

Make a habit of using Advanced Task Manager-Killer and Clean Master

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