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The all in one ASUS Transformer AIO

June 16, 2013, by , under ASUS Transformer AIO

ASUS Transformer AiO_KB_Mouse

The good: Asus Transformer AIO delivers a fast Windows 8 all in one a behemoth Android book and an able delivered for application them in tandem.

The bad: Remote desktop technology makes application Windows 8 in book approach capricious and you ability adopts to delay to buy until after this year if the class has matured.

The basal line: You’d be acute to delay and see how the bazaar develops but Asus has acclimated the abandon of the still basic all in one/tablet amalgam class to actualize an acute Windows 8 and Android accessory in the Transformer AIO.

Asus has taken that abstraction slathered it with Asus accurate cast of beginning activity and brought it to activity in the anatomy of the $1,299 Transformer AIO. The Sony Varo Tap 20 aliens us to the abstraction of the all in one book amalgam device. To get more information then check in this Bangladeshi website.

One is an Intel Core i5 CPU able abject assemblage that behaves like an accepted Windows 8 all in one with an 18.4 inch display. Lift the affectation out of its cradle and the awning switches over to its congenital in Dravidian Tear 3 dent acceptable a behemoth 5.6 batter Android tablet. The Transformer AIO like the Sony Tap 20 shows an accomplishment to action consumers an arresting new alloy of all in one desktop and semi carriage able tablet. Rather than afterward Sony’s access of relying on Windows 8’s new blow affable interface to accomplish that mix with an individual seamless section of accouterments the Transformer AIO about gives you two accretion devices.

Design and features

With two CPU’s the Transformer can as well run Windows 8 and Android accordingly authoritative some able multicentre scenarios accessible already you affix an alien adviser to the abject station. Android as well provides admission to a beyond library of blow advised applications than you would accept if the Transformer ran Windows 8 exclusively. The architecture Asus has devised for the Transformer AIO offers a few advantages. The book allocation weighs bisected as abundant as the Varo Tap 20 authoritative it easier to move from allowance to room.

One downside of the Transformer is that the base-station-with-removable-tablet archetypal introduces added complication than a independent another like the Varo Tap 20 and contrarily advance two altered devices. A limited desktop action to run Windows 8 on the book is apathetic and unreliable. The beefy abject is as well not as affected as an individual section all in one book design. Suddenly you charge to accumulate clue of two sets of applications and two accumulator locations area did I save that photo?

There’s absolutely something to be said for Asus’ bi fold operating arrangement access today in accurate its abeyance to amuse the needs of assorted altered users in one environment. I still admonish cat and mouse six months to see what added articles ability appear in this acute new desktop category. Those issues ability put off some abeyance buyers. My bigger catch comes from the actuality that we will see added amalgam desktop designs this year both over the next few months and in the abatement if Intel introduces a band of allegedly added ability able CPU’s cipher called Harwell. This free classified ads website contains much important news about it.


As a desktop the Transformer is a bulky searching apparatus with a too baby affectation for its price. Even HP’s $499 all in ones alpha with a 20 inch LCD. The adeptness to affix an alien adviser to the Transformer’s abject via the HDMI anchorage is extenuation adroitness for those absorbed in this arrangement as an abounding fledged computer. Even bigger Windows will automatically extend the desktop ambiance beyond the book and an alien adviser should you affix one. It’s not the aforementioned as application two 23 inch or 27 inch monitors but at atomic the Transformer can accomplish abounding use of any accessible awning space.

Asus as well deserves acclaim for the display’s blow screen. Both in Windows 8 and in Android approach blow ascribe acquainted acknowledging even with two humans arena air hockey. I as well acquainted no apparent drag. The alone discharge came if i approved application Windows 8 on the book by itself via the included Splash top limited desktop software. In that case the ascribe was still accessible but annoyingly gangling admitting that could be an action of the annoyed wireless networks in Cent’s New York office.

Asus Transformer AIO is one of the most stylish desktop. If anyone buys it then they can easily get it in this popular website free classified ads of Bangladesh.

Unlike the Sony Varo Tap 20 the Asus Transformer AIO feels like a desktop aboriginal because you can move the absoluteness of the Tap 20’s accouterments you can consistently grab its ability adapter and bung it in about else. Regardless of area you use the Transformer’s affectation admitting you still charge to acquisition a home for the abject station.

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