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The Modern and stylish Sony Xperia L

May 29, 2013, by , under Sony Xperia L

The Sony Xperia L is a mid ambit accessory that screams Sony from the aboriginal attending and in a apple abounding with affordable mid ambit Android accessories architecture is of ascendant importance. In this case, the Xperia L is an affected phone, featuring an apparent entering ambit and an admirable diffused LED ablaze band at the basal that lights up whenever you accept notifications pending. In this popular online mobile buying web site anyone can get this mobile very easily.

With a 4.3 inch awning the Xperia L is a bunched handset abundant for individual handed operation. It has no huge ambitions if it comes to achievement or camera superior but for some a bland all-embracing acquaintance in the interface ability is enough.

The Design of the Sony Xperia L

The Xperia L has the actual audible for Sony biconcave appearance we accept aboriginal apparent in the Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc. It adds an added blaze of breeding but is as well applied as it makes it harder for the accessory to blooper out of the hand. Overall the accessory feels absolutely built. In agreement of concrete dimensions, it has this abiding hexagon appearance that makes it attending a bit beyond than the archetypal 4.3 inch smartphone. The soft-touch artificial aback makes it affable to hold. All of the concrete buttons are amid on the appropriate duke side the new annular ability button that sticks out a bit an aggregate rocker aloft it and a committed camera bang key on the bottom. On the aback there is an 8 megapixel camera with an individual LED flash.

Overall all of that comes in three blush versions a starry black, design white and a red one. For more information check in this Bangladeshi popular online mobile ads website.

Screen size and quality of the Sony Xperia L

The 4.3 inch awning is an acceptable breach from the ample 5 inch and bigger screens of today as you can in fact accomplish this accessory with just one hand. Sony uses the Android on awning buttons for navigation. That agency they do yield up a bit of those 4.3 inches so in absoluteness there is beneath allowance for icons and added accessible content. At 4.3 inches askew and with a resolution of 480 x 854 pixels the awning is not amidst the sharpest ones out there. Pixel body comes at the characterless 228ppi.

Viewing angles are adequately boilerplate and if you bend the accessory you’d apprehension colors accident their saturation. Even after angry the accessory admitting colors attending a bit austere and that is abnormally apparent in the blacks that tend to attending ashen rather than bend black. This kinds of mobile phone are sold in this popular online website. Brightness is acceptable for alfresco use abnormally if you administer to get the accessory at the appropriate bend to abstain reflections.

Interface and the other options

The Xperia L actualization Android 4.1 Jelly Bean with Sony’s own derma on top. It’s not too abundant and it’s all about acceptable looks. Starting from the lock awning that unwinds like an adumbration but as well gives quick admission to the camera you get some accurate visuals throughout. Sony’s UI is affluent in wallpapers and bright capacity so you don’t accept to go far to alpha customizing the looks of a handset.

Slide up or down the notification adumbration and you get 5 toggles for quick admission to settings like WI-Fi and Bluetooth. Adding shortcuts and alteration wallpapers happens afterwards you continued columnist abandoned amplitude on a home panel. From there you get an acceptable card like reside examination of the changes you accomplish to appearance. The keyboard is as well Sony fabricated with abundant amplitude amid buttons and at 4.3 inches it is just the appropriate ad measurement for single-handed accounting after you accepting to amplitude your fingers.

Performance of the Sony Xperia L

The Xperia L is not a accessory you accompany to affect your beatnik accompany afterwards all its alone got a bi fold amount 1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM8230 processor with Adriano 305 cartoon and 1GB of RAM but it is accurately optimized to plan after any arresting lag in air headed and about home panels. The MSM8230 is allotment of the Snapdragon S4 ancestors and is congenital on the 28nm node. Compared to earlier chips that make it added ability efficient.

A hardly added amount at it like amateur admitting and you’d apprehension the arrest and if you attending at the accepted benchmarks there is annihilation to be afflicted about the Xperia L.

Internet and Connectivity

3G connectivity and Wi-Fi you accept abundant options to get on the Internet at adequately fast speeds. This is a mid forester so 4G LTE is not accurate but already afresh at that amount this is not a surprise.

The Xperia L appearance the Chrome browser per loaded and it is an acutely abrupt way to admission the web. Its account advertence that Chrome does not abutment Adobe Flash. Otherwise it’s got a nice apple pie user interface and syncs beyond all of your accessories instantly. Your latest Chrome searches are as well pulled into Google Now for accordant advice on the go. Browsing about the web and zooming about is lag charge less just as you’d expect.

Sony Xperia L is really a high quality mobile phone. In it there are many important programs and application are included. If anyone buys it than check in this popular free classified ads web site in Bangladesh.

Nahid Hasan
University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh (ULAB)

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